TGen Overview

The Translational Genomics Research Institute (TGen) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization focused on developing earlier diagnostics and smarter treatments.

Translational genomics research is a relatively new field employing innovative advances arising from the Human Genome Project and applying them to the development of diagnostics, prognostics and therapies for cancer, neurological disorders, diabetes and other complex diseases.

For the first time in history, we now have the knowledge to unravel the genetic components of common and complex diseases. The increased understanding of molecular medicine is shifting clinical practice from treatment based on symptoms to treatment based on the underlying causes of disease. Physicians will be prescribing drugs that are designed more intelligently, work more effectively, and have fewer toxic side effects.

The mapping of the human genome was only the first step. Researchers are now working to translate variations in human genes to discover the underlying cause of disease progression and resistance to therapy and why some individuals encounter debilitating diseases and others live healthy lives. Although all the puzzle pieces of our genetic make-up have been identified, scientists and clinicians now have the formidable task of interpreting how they fit together in order to apply the genome map to patient care.

TGen is on the cutting edge of translational research where investigators are able to unravel the genetic components of common and complex diseases. Working with collaborators in the scientific and medical communities, TGen believes it can make a substantial contribution to the efficiency and effectiveness of the translational process. TGen’s vision is of a world where an understanding of genomic variation can be rapidly translated to the diagnosis and treatment of disease in a manner tailored to individual patients.

TGen is dedicated to the next revolution in health care. With the patient at its helm, TGen is guided by three core principles: integrate, translate and accelerate.

Discovering the differences and changes within the genome that translate into disease is a priority for TGen. To accomplish its mission, TGen successfully recruited cross-functional teams, including world-renowned engineers, geneticists, clinicians, biologists, and computational experts. TGen’s scientists have an intense desire to move their research into the clinical setting, and TGen has given them the opportunity to impact disease in a manner that had not been available to them before. As a result, TGen’s combined excellence in genomic analysis, bioinformatics, and cancer drug development is unmatched throughout the industry.

To further genomic-based disease research, TGen also has established novel research programs. By implementing specific population studies, significant genomic findings can be expedited that will positively impact individuals with diabetes, autism, prostate and breast cancer, melanoma, and gastric cancer, to name a few. TGen’s research divisions are disease focused and supported by a strong base of core technology platforms that allows research to be done on a large scale and short timeframe. As such, results are high-volume and quickly generated.

At the core of TGen’s translational research strategy is the development of “accelerators” to quickly move research discoveries into the clinic to benefit patients. While many other research institutes recognize the importance of such translational vehicles, TGen stands alone in making this the cornerstone of its strategy. TGen has established accelerators as vehicles to develop therapeutics, prognostics and diagnostics and to deliver research discoveries to patients as quickly as possible. Not only do these accelerators provide immediate benefits to patients, but the knowledge gained from these services continues to inform TGen’s research and promote patient health. Progress in genomics moves incrementally, but the potential for accelerated success is much higher at TGen because we have built one of the strongest translational development teams in the world.

A hallmark of TGen is our belief in the strength and importance of collaborative partnerships. TGen has partnered with academia, government agencies, clinical, and corporate entities in Arizona and across the globe. Such relationships provide TGen unmatched access to expertise and technology to accelerate its research goals. Through collaborative efforts with clinical partners, links to the patient are established and benefits of TGen can be delivered to the bedside. Only by combining the experience of clinicians with the direct discoveries of the research scientists will the maximum benefit to the patient be achieved. The fusion of modern medicine with the power of translational research fuels the next wave of treatments for disease.

Supporting TGen
TGen is a non-profit research institute that relies on state and federal funding and the generous backing of businesses, foundations, and concerned individuals. All contributions assist in our research efforts, whether through the acquisition of needed equipment, access to essential clinical resources, or support and expansion of the research team.

We are eager to hear from anyone who is interested in how the revolutionary power of genomics can help in fighting disease. TGen’s research program combined with scientific and clinical expertise is ready to move genomic discoveries to the clinic for the benefit and care of all.